Energy and resource efficiency Workshop


Workshop @ CARLA 2024
Advancing Energy and Resource Efficiency in Data Centers

In the digital age, data centers are pivotal, supporting complex applications from internet search-es to scientific research, including high-performance computing (HPC) and cloud services. Despite their critical role, the environmental footprint of data center operations poses significant chal-lenges. The burgeoning demand for computing and storage capacity outstrips available resources, necessitating a holistic approach to development that balances ecological, economic, social, and technological considerations.

Modern data centers, akin to small towns in their energy consumption, present an urgent need for energy-efficient solutions to mitigate their environmental impact. Advances in performance-per-watt (Watts/FLOPS) technologies offer promising avenues for more sustainable operations. Be-yond hardware efficiencies, software optimizations play a crucial role in reducing energy and re-source consumption. The lifecycle management of hardware, efficient computing, cooling strate-gies, and the potential for waste heat reuse further complicate the sustainability equation.

This workshop aims to foster dialogue on innovative strategies for enhancing the energy and re-source efficiency of data centers. By bridging the gap between current practices and cutting-edge research, we seek to highlight scalable, flexible technologies and methodologies that promise not only economic sustainability but also significant environmental benefits.

We invite contributions on a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:


  • Green Data Center IT and Software
  • System and Infrastructure Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • Assessment Models for Energy and Resource Efficiency
  • Resource Conservation via Smart Technologies and AI
  • Real-Time Energy Consumption Prediction and Regulation through Machine Learning
  • Efficient Facility Infrastructures and Hybrid Cooling Technologies
  • Waste Heat Reuse and Community Heating Integrations
  • Scalable, Hybrid, and Flexible Compute and Data System Architectures
  • Energy Efficiency Methods Enabled by Container and Workflow Frameworks
  • Green Coding Practices in High-Performance Software
  • Scheduling Algorithms for Optimal Energy Utilization
Submission Deadline

July 30th, 2024


August 18th, 2024


September 2nd, 2024


October 1st, 2024